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ESCAPE WP5 Meeting Notes 18-11-2019

Participants: Zheng Meyer-Zhao (ASTRON), Yan Grange (ASTRON), Aristeidis Fkiaras (CERN), Riccardo Di Maria (CERN), Rizart Dona (CERN), José Ramón Rodon Ortiz (CSIC-IAA), Pierre Chanial (EGO), Jutta Schnabel (FAU), Arpad Szomoru (JIVE), Rosie Bolton (SKAO)

Feedback from minutes


1. Announcements, news and general updates



  • Currently working on Content Delivery (xCache) and File orchestration and staging matters (Rucio)



  • We are attending the tech meetings, involving other members of our group (scientists, postdocs) in order to know how to include this technology in our uses cases.
  • We are also implementing VO services for accessing the data that is involved in our use cases.
  • Also we are studying tools like Rucio, in particular the metadata to see how it can interact with the VO standards.





Mostly WP4 (data provenance meeting between CTA & KM3NeT) and WP3 efforts relevant for WP5 (from WP 3):

  • focus groups established on different issues (software collection, Corsika development, innovative workflows, distributed computing)
  • development of software requirement form, soon to be available
  • call on distributed computing: is that included in WP5 (FairROOT and Dirac introduction planned as call)




  • Hire of new engineer for WP4 was blocked by immigration services. The work for WP4 will now be done internally, which means that effort for WP3 and WP5 will be smaller during the next year.
  • Three of the persons involved in Escape at JIVE are currently travelling, as a result less work has been done the last period
  • Analysis of the current and future functionality of the EVN archive at JIVE is somewhat delayed, but ongoing
  • Investigation into suitability of CWL ongoing
  • Enabling user feedback to archive partly done
  • Re-running pipelines using Jupyter making good progress
  • In WP3, but directly relevant for WP5 work as well: pipeline requirement analysis document nearly finished







2. WP5 Busy week planning 2020

3. Planning monthly videocon and biweekly Tech meeting first half of 2020

Suggested date/time:

Monthly videocon Monday 11:00-12:00 (Europe/Amsterdam):

 20 Jan 2020
 17 Feb 2020
 16 March 2020
 20 April 2020
 25 May 2020
 22 June 2020

Suggested date/time:

Biweekly Tech meeting Monday 16:00-17:00 (Europe/Amsterdam):

 20 Jan 2020
 3 Feb 2020
 17 Feb 2020
 2 March 2020
 16 March 2020
 30 March 2020
 20 April 2020
 11 May 2020
 25 May 2020
 8 June 2020
 22 June 2020
 6 July 2020

4. Next meeting: 09 December 11:00-12:00 (CET)

5. Other business

YG: Task 2.3 meeting happened on friday. Most relevant for WP5 is that we want to talk to WP5 about the link to compute. YG will also involve Jutta from WP3 in setting up that conversation.