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The International Virtual Observatory Alliance (IVOA) was formed to develop standards for interoperability of astronomical data within the community, with an aim on archives services, and clients querying these services. Found in 2002, the IVOA was far ahead of time and established standards that today would be considered to be FAIR. Contribution to the IVOA through ESCAPE is important on many levels, from the organisational level to the development in standards or software for data services and clients.


The IVOA TCG is formed by the Chairs of the Working and Interest Groups and includes the IVOA chairs and vice-chairs. Below table shows the contributions of ESCAPE partner institutes to the TCG. To find the list of all TCG members, go here

WG/IG Function Name
Data Access Layer WG Chair Marco Molinaro (INAF-OATS)
Data Model WG Chair Laurent Michel (ObAS)
Grid & Web Services WG Chair Giuliano Taffoni (INAF-OATS)
Registry WG Vice-Chair Pierre LeSidaner (ObsParis)
Semantics WG Chair Markus Demleitner (UHEI)
Data Curation & Preservation IG Chair André Schaaff (CNRS-ObAS)
Education IG Vice-Chair Hendrik Heinl (CNRS-ObAS)
Knowledge Discovery in Databases Chair Kai Polsterer (HITS) (until May 2020)
Solar System IG Chair Baptiste Cecconi (ObsParis)
Time Domain IG Chair


Ada Nebot (CNRS-ObAS) (until May 2021)

Dave Morris (UEDIN) (until Nov 2020)

Radio IG Vice-Chair Francois Bonnarel (CNRS-ObAS) (since May 2020)


The Exec is the Committee of IVOA members. IVOA member who are also ESCAPE partners are the following: Andy Lawrence (UEDIN), Françoise Genova (ObAS), Mark Allen (CNRS-ObAS), Joachim Wambsganss (UHEI), Enrique Solano (INTA),Fabio Pasian (INAF-OATS).

You can find the list of all IVOA members and their representatives here

IVOA Interoperability Meetings


The following are the lists of IVOA recommended standards or those still in development with ESCPAE partner contributions during the project time. You can find a list of all IVOA standards and their status here


07.09.2019 TAP V1.1

07.10.2019 MOC - HEALPix V1.1

19.10.2019 IVOA Registry Relational Schema V1.1

21.10.2019 VO-Table V1.4

11.04.2020 IVOA Provenance Data Model V1.0

In development

IVOA N-Dimensional Cube Model

IVOA Dataset Metadata Mode V1.0


VODataService V1.2

Maintenance of the list of UCD words V2.0

Group Membership Service V1.0

UCD1+ controlled vocabulary V1.4

Describing Simple Data Access Services V1.2

Vocabularies in the VO V2.0

ObjVisSAP V1.0

Observation Locator Table Access Protocol V1.0

Simple Cone Search V1.1