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The ESA/ESO SCIOPS 2019 Workshop ( will take place at ESAC and will address the following areas:

  • collaboration between large scientific teams in the multi-messenger era;
  • how space- and ground-based observatories communicate their transient and observational capabilities, and can prepare and adapt them to provide scientists with access to time and data for multi-messenger programmes;
  • cultural and policy changes needed to enable multi-facility time allocation, prioritisation of observations, publication of information on upcoming observations and data sharing;
  • tools, services and standards to support coordination between facilities for the selection and publication of targets by survey facilities, coordination and publication of follow-up observations among observatories, as well as for publishing, searching, analysing and visualising data;
  • tools and services to support collaboration between teams.

Contributions by ESCAPE

Title Authors Link
Addressing common challenges for FAIR data in astronomy Mark Allen (CDS) OpenCloud Link
Interoperable multi-messenger approach for GW sky localization and EM follow-up Guiseppe Greco (INFN) OpenCloud Link